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Game #DateTimeTeamOpponentVenueScoreResult
Oct 09 20212:45 PM-4:15 PMM Atom AA U10Newmarket RedmenEd Sackfield Arena South
Oct 29 20218:00 AMPeewee AA U13Scarborough Ice RaidersCanlan Scarborough Rink #3
Oct 29 20216:30 PM-8:00 PMPeewee AA U13Ted Reeve ThunderCanlan Scarborough Rink #2
Oct 30 20218:15 AMPeewee AA U13West Hill Golden HawksChesswood Arena #2
Nov 12 202112:15 PMPeewee AA U13Lasalle SabresWFSC-Hanstone Quartz
Nov 12 20215:15 PM-6:45 PMPeewee AA U13Scarborough Young BruinsWFSC-Hanstone Quartz
Nov 13 202112:15 PM-1:45 PMPeewee AA U13London Jr Knights WhiteWFSC-Hanstone Quartz
Nov 13 20217:45 PM-9:15 PMPeewee AA U13London Jr Knights GreenWFSC-Hanstone Quartz
1Dec 03 20219:00 AM-11:00 AMBantam AA U15London Junior Knights WhiteCentre 70 Arena
2Dec 03 20211:00 PMBantam AA U15Ted Reeve ThunderCataraqui CC
3Dec 04 20218:00 AM-10:00 AMBantam AA U15Ottawa StingInvista
4Dec 04 20216:00 PMBantam AA U15Kingston CanadiansInvista
U15-AA-064Dec 18 20215:00 PM-7:00 PMBantam AA U15TNT TornadosTom Graham West
U18-AA21-071Jan 12 20229:15 PM-11:00 PMMidget AA U18Markham WaxersEd Sackfield Arena South
U18-AA21-068Jan 15 20223:15 PM-5:15 PMMidget AA U18Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersEd Sackfield Arena South
U12 AA 138Jan 16 20225:30 PM-7:00 PMM Peewee AA U12East Gwillimbury EaglesTom Graham West
U12 AA 135Jan 18 20226:45 PM-8:15 PMM Peewee AA U12Barrie ColtsEd Sackfield Arena South
U12 AA 129Jan 22 20224:30 PM-6:00 PMM Peewee AA U12Markham WaxersTom Graham West
U15-AA-071Jan 23 20224:00 PM-6:00 PMBantam AA U15Markham WaxersTom Graham West
U13 AA21 11Jan 27 20227:30 PMPeewee AA U13Aurora TigersAurora CC (1 - Ford)
U12 AA 31Jan 29 20222:00 PMM Peewee AA U12Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersStouffville Clippers (CC1)
U10 AA 037Jan 29 20223:15 PMM Atom AA U10Bradford BulldogsBradford Leisure (Green)
U18-AA21-073Jan 29 20223:15 PM-5:15 PMMidget AA U18Aurora TigersEd Sackfield Arena South
U15-AA-096Jan 29 20223:30 PMBantam AA U15Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersStouffville Clippers (CC1)
U11 AA 2101Jan 30 20225:30 PM-7:00 PMAtom AA U11Markham WaxersTom Graham West
U15-AA-030Jan 30 20226:30 PMBantam AA U15Barrie Colts WhiteEast Bayfield (Purple)
U12 AA 141Jan 30 20227:00 PM-8:30 PMM Peewee AA U12Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersTom Graham West
U18-AA21-042Jan 30 20228:00 PMMidget AA U18Markham WaxersVillage
U10 AA 059Feb 02 20226:00 PMM Atom AA U10Newmarket RenegadesRay Twinney (1)
U13 AA21 57Feb 04 20226:15 PMPeewee AA U13Newmarket RenegadesMagna (Pfaff)
U14-AA-111Feb 04 20227:00 PMM Bantam AA U14Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersStouffville (Pad A)
U10 AA 023Feb 05 20222:00 PMM Atom AA U10Barrie ColtsAllandale Rec (Red)
U13 AA21 90Feb 05 20222:45 PMPeewee AA U13TNT TornadosNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 2)
U12 AA 131Feb 05 20223:30 PM-5:00 PMM Peewee AA U12Newmarket RenegadesElgin Barrow East
U18-AA21-078Feb 05 20226:30 PMMidget AA U18TNT TornadosNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 1)
U10 AA 031Feb 06 202212:30 PMM Atom AA U10Bradford BulldogsBradford Leisure (Blue)
U14-AA-082Feb 06 20221:00 PM-2:30 PMM Bantam AA U14Aurora TigersElgin Barrow East
U15-AA-073Feb 06 20222:30 PM-4:30 PMBantam AA U15Barrie Colts WhiteElgin Barrow East
U13 AA21 72Feb 06 20224:30 PM-6:00 PMPeewee AA U13Barrie ColtsElgin Barrow East
U12 AA 123Feb 06 20224:45 PMM Peewee AA U12Newmarket RenegadesMagna (Honda)
U14-AA-023Feb 08 20227:20 PMM Bantam AA U14Barrie ColtsSadlon Centre
U18-AA21-060Feb 09 20229:00 PMMidget AA U18Newmarket RenegadesRay Twinney (1)
U10 AA 110Feb 10 20226:00 PMM Atom AA U10Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersStouffville (Pad A)
U11 AA 232Feb 11 20226:00 PMAtom AA U11Barrie ColtsEast Bayfield (Purple)
U14-AA-079Feb 12 20223:00 PM-4:30 PMM Bantam AA U14Newmarket RenegadesTom Graham West
U15-AA-070Feb 12 20224:30 PM-6:30 PMBantam AA U15Newmarket RenegadesTom Graham West
U13 AA21 79Feb 12 20225:15 PM-6:45 PMPeewee AA U13Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersTom Graham East
U10 AA 010Feb 12 20226:35 PMM Atom AA U10Aurora TigersAurora CC (2 - Lincoln)
U10 AA 081Feb 13 202212:00 PM-1:30 PMM Atom AA U10Bradford BulldogsElvis Stojko Arena
U11 AA 2108Feb 13 20221:30 PM-3:00 PMAtom AA U11Markham WaxersElvis Stojko Arena
U13 AA21 26Feb 13 20223:50 PMPeewee AA U13Barrie ColtsEast Bayfield (Purple)
U18-AA21-043Feb 13 20228:00 PMMidget AA U18Markham WaxersVillage
U11 AA 253Feb 14 20226:30 PMAtom AA U11Innisfil WinterhawksStroud-Innisfil
U18-AA21-062Feb 16 20229:00 PM-11:00 PMMidget AA U18Aurora TigersElgin Barrow East
U15-AA-052Feb 17 20227:45 PMBantam AA U15Newmarket RenegadesMagna (Pfaff)
U10 AA 092Feb 18 20227:15 PMM Atom AA U10TNT TornadosNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 2)
U12 AA 139Feb 19 20223:00 PM-4:30 PMM Peewee AA U12Innisfil WinterhawksTom Graham West
U10 AA 082Feb 19 20223:45 PM-5:15 PMM Atom AA U10Barrie ColtsTom Graham East
U11 AA 2105Feb 19 20225:15 PM-6:45 PMAtom AA U11Barrie ColtsTom Graham East
U12 AA 35Feb 20 20222:15 PMM Peewee AA U12Aurora TigersAurora CC (2 - Lincoln)
U15-AA-063Feb 20 20224:00 PM-6:00 PMBantam AA U15Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersTom Graham West
U13 AA21 84Feb 20 20226:00 PM-7:30 PMPeewee AA U13TNT TornadosTom Graham West
U18-AA21-070Feb 20 20227:30 PM-9:30 PMMidget AA U18Newmarket RenegadesTom Graham West
U11 AA 2104Feb 22 20226:45 PM-8:15 PMAtom AA U11Aurora TigersEd Sackfield Arena South
U11 AA 259Feb 23 20226:30 PMAtom AA U11Innisfil WinterhawksInnisfil Rec (Red)
U12 AA 95Feb 24 20228:00 PMM Peewee AA U12King RebellionNobleton Rec
U15-AA-007Feb 24 20228:15 PMBantam AA U15Aurora TigersStronach ARC (Toyota (West))
U13 AA21 60Feb 25 20226:15 PMPeewee AA U13Newmarket RenegadesMagna (Pfaff)
U11 AA 2119Feb 26 20221:15 PMAtom AA U11TNT TornadosNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 2)
U14-AA-081Feb 26 20221:15 PM-2:45 PMM Bantam AA U14Barrie ColtsEd Sackfield Arena South
U18-AA21-072Feb 26 20226:30 PM-8:30 PMMidget AA U18Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersTom Graham West
U14-AA-008Feb 27 20224:55 PMM Bantam AA U14Aurora TigersAurora CC (2 - Lincoln)
U18-AA21-066Feb 27 20228:00 PM-10:00 PMMidget AA U18Barrie ColtsTom Graham West
U11 AA 295Mar 01 20226:15 PMAtom AA U11Newmarket RenegadesMagna (Pfaff)
U15-AA-066Mar 01 20226:45 PM-8:45 PMBantam AA U15Barrie Colts WhiteEd Sackfield Arena South
U12 AA 76Mar 03 20227:15 PMM Peewee AA U12Innisfil WinterhawksInnisfil Rec (Gold)
U11 AA 2110Mar 05 20222:00 PM-3:30 PMAtom AA U11Barrie ColtsElgin Barrow East
U10 AA 051Mar 05 20222:15 PMM Atom AA U10Markham WaxersAngus Glen (2 - East)
U13 AA21 19Mar 05 20223:20 PMPeewee AA U13Barrie ColtsHolly Rec (Rink 1)
U18-AA21-084Mar 05 20225:30 PMMidget AA U18TNT TornadosNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 1)
U15-AA-040Mar 05 20226:45 PMBantam AA U15Markham WaxersAngus Glen (2 - East)
U12 AA 109Mar 05 20227:45 PMM Peewee AA U12Markham WaxersVillage
U12 AA 137Mar 06 202212:15 PM-1:45 PMM Peewee AA U12Aurora TigersEd Sackfield Arena South
U10 AA 086Mar 06 20221:00 PMM Atom AA U10TNT TornadosNew Tecumseth Rec (NTRC 1)
U15-AA-068Mar 06 20222:30 PM-4:30 PMBantam AA U15Whitchurch-Stouffville ClippersElgin Barrow East
U14-AA-080Mar 06 20224:00 PM-5:30 PMM Bantam AA U14Markham WaxersTom Graham West
U13 AA21 83Mar 06 20224:30 PM-6:00 PMPeewee AA U13King RebellionElgin Barrow East
U18-AA21-029Mar 07 20228:50 PMMidget AA U18Barrie ColtsEast Bayfield (Green)
U15-AA-022Mar 09 20227:10 PMBantam AA U15Barrie Colts WhiteAllandale Rec (Red)
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