Timekeeper Information (Richmond Hill Hockey)

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Applications are closed. The Timekeeper Staff is full. Thank you for your interest. 

How to become a Timekeeper for the RHHA

The RHHRA prides itself on having quality and responsible individuals working within the Association. Timekeepers for the RHHA are trained through an OMHA clinic and continue to develop their skills throughout the season alongside our new and experienced officials. 

New applicants interested in timekeeping for the RHHA are encouraged to email an application to the Off-Ice Officials Manager no later than August 19th, 2023. If you are selected to proceed to an interview, this will take place at the end of August or early September.

❏     There are a limited number of timekeeping positions available each year.

❏     There is no guarantee applicants will be selected for an interview.

❏     Applicants will be informed within 48 hours after interviews whether they have been successful or not.

❏     Successful applicants will be informed of Off-Ice officials training dates in the fall.


Timekeeper Application Requirements

Please e-mail Matthew Sgromo at [email protected] with your name , date of birth , home address , home and cell phone, personal e-mail, hockey experience and resume (optional). 

Please submit a short paragraph response answering the following question in 100-200 words: Why do you want to be a timekeeper?

Applicants are required to be at least 15 years of age by December 31st 2023. 

PLEASE NOTE: All communication in regard to timekeeper applications must be sent from the APPLICANT. 

What is a Timekeeper?

A Timekeeper or “Off-Ice Official” is an individual who is responsible for operating the score clock and keeping record of a game’s events by way of an official game sheet during a game


Working as a Timekeeper for the RHHA

Timekeepers for the Richmond Hill Hockey Association (RHHA) work in partnership with the Richmond Hill Referee’s Association (RHHRA) and are held to the same standards, policies and procedures outlined for the RHHRA. 

❏     Timekeepers are held responsible for their actions during a game assignment and are expected to act in a professional manner that is conducive to the policies and procedures outlined in the RHHRA Manual of Operations.

❏     Timekeepers are held accountable for the work they do during a game and are expected to be prepared with the proper materials to complete the job.

❏     Timekeepers are held to a high standard of dress when in public view at an RHHRA assignment. Officials are expected to wear clean and appropriate clothing for a cold working environment.

❏     Timekeepers are responsible for the assignments they receive and must follow proper protocol and procedure when they can no longer work a shift.