Development Program (Richmond Hill Hockey)

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Development Program

The RHHRA development program ranks among one of the finest in all of Ontario and the best in the OMHA based on its commitment to developing young officials into some of the finest the game has ever seen.  This is done through the dedication of its members and the idea that “it takes a village to raise a child.” 

The entire basis of the development program run by the RHHRA is that every new member put of staff will be greeted by nothing other than open doors as he/she attempts to reach his/her maximum potential.  Along the way there will be senior staff and supervisors to guide that individual and mentor them through what can be years of both success and struggles and they strive to hone their abilities as an on-ice official.

Getting on staff however is not a lifetime membership to the RHHRA. All of its members are required to follow both the RHHRA’s constitution and its code of ethics, as well as show personal commitment to developing and improving.  Individuals who do not show the desire or who lose the drive to perform the job to the best of their ability may be asked to leave the program in favour of a new candidate.

The Development 

1.  New candidates apply to the Referee-in-Chief and register to try out for an available spot as an RHHRA official

2.  Tryout Event

     a)Interview process

     b)Testing on rule knowledge

     c) On-Ice tryout with full hockey gear

3.  After a candidate is accepted they will be required to attend two additional on-ice development sessions aimed at preparing them with the basics of performing the duties of a minor hockey referee.

4.  The candidate will they be required to attend a new official’s course hosted by the OMHA so that they are certified and registered with the OMHA as an on-ice official.

5.  That official will now be scheduled games on a regular basis in the Richmond Hill House league program for the first year or two until they reach an age of 16.

6.  Once the official reaches the age of 16 they are eligible to attend an OMHA clinic to obtain their Level 2 Certification at which point they are eligible to enter into the RHHRA Mentorship program.

7.  The mentorship program is based on the concept of a senior referee being assigned two new level 2R officials. The senior referee will through the use of resources provided by the RHHRA through the support of the RHHA guide and evaluate that official throughout the season. These evaluations will be passed on to area supervisors and the RHHRA executive for use in determining the status and abilities of those developing officials.

8.  Each year the level 2R will be assigned to a mentor until they achieve the level of 2C (certified) and then they are considered to be senior officials.