INITIATION PROGRAM (IP) (Richmond Hill Hockey)


Richmond Hill Hockey Association


The Richmond Hill Hockey Association has taken the steps to improve the development program of coaches and players. For the 2023/2024 hockey season Helen Shin has been appointed as the Director of the Initiation Program (IP) for Richmond Hill Hockey.


About the Initiation Program in Richmond Hill

In 2023/2024, the Initiation Program in Richmond Hill will take shape into a leading program for players to develop within the OMHA. It is key for the success of the player to develop along with the new guidelines set by Hockey Canada. Further research has been done by the Hockey Canada into the use of small area play. Additionally, the RHHA Initiation Program has investigated the benefits imposed on players at such a young age. For more information please visit A lot more information will be available to parents this season on the new program. Information meetings will be held with convenors and coaches to improve the delivery of these guidelines to players. Providing the kids with the tools to succeed during their most crucial stages of player development is the primary focus for Richmond Hill’s program.

This season one of the goals for the IP Development program is to create a well-structured based system for young and new coaches to implement in their practice plans with our IP players. This program is here to assist them in communicating with parents and players on or off the ice. Currently we are looking for individuals of all ages who may be interested in benefitting from this program and coaching a team within our house league system next season. Also, coaching and volunteer programs will be available to younger ages for those in the minor midget or above age groups. More details to come in the next few weeks on our coaching development programs.

Please feel free to contact Helen if you have any further questions about our program

[email protected]

To Apply to become an Instructor

Please e-mail Helen Shin at [email protected] with your

Name , Date of Birth , home address , home and cell phone , personal e-mail and

any other relevant documents ( IE: resume )