House League (Richmond Hill Hockey)

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"The House League Development program was initiated so that each participant in this program is given a similar opportunity to develop their fundamental skill base throughout the season. A players development will not just be reliant on the coach they are assigned to, but also aided by the rest of the coaches within the program. 

As a Hockey Association, we will spend time with all of our coaches helping them to become not only better hockey coaches, but encouraging strong mentorship of our young athletes as people as well. 

Our goal with this Development Program is to lay a strong base foundation in the early years of hockey training so as players get older and move into different levels of hockey, coaches will know what each players base knowledge and skill set of the fundamentals of the game is, which will in turn make it easier to teach situational and systematic aspects of the game with their groups later on.

We hope each coach teaches each player to the best of their ability and our goal is to see vast improvement from every player during the season.  Players may be coached differently and some players may need more time to develop certain skills than others.  Each player will be treated as an individual and coached that way. 

We hope that all of players grow and develop as players and people in years to come, and will be excited to give back what they have learned to the next generation of young hockey players.