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Thursday, September 5, 2019
MidgetM17:30 PMEBE Pickering Panthers 2-4Toronto Aeros
MidgetM27:40 PMSACK Leaside Flames 2-1Markham Islanders
MidgetM38:50 PMEBE Vaughan Panthers 4-1Richmond Hill Stars
MidgetM58:50 PMELVIS Humber Valley Sharks 1-4Mississauga North Stars
MidgetM49:00 PMSACK Brampton 45's 5-0Toronto Royals
MidgetM69:05 PMTGG Humberveiw Huskies 6-3North York Knights
Friday, September 6, 2019
MidgetM811:30 AMELVIS Mississauga North Stars 4-3Leaside Flames
MidgetM912:00 PMTGG Richmond Hill Stars 4-1Orangeville Flyers
MidgetM1012:30 PMTGB Toronto Royals 3-1Pickering Panthers
MidgetM712:30 PMSACK Toronto Aeros 0-3Hillcrest Canadiens
MidgetM1212:50 PMELVIS North York Knights 1-3Vaughan Panthers
MidgetM111:50 PMSACK Caledon Hawks 3-1Humber Valley Sharks
MidgetM154:20 PMTGB Orangeville Flyers 3-7Humberveiw Huskies
MidgetM134:30 PMELVIS Hillcrest Canadiens 0-4Brampton 45's
MidgetM145:00 PMTGG Mississauga North Stars 5-0Markham Islanders
MidgetM185:40 PMTGB North York Knights 0-5Richmond Hill Stars
MidgetM165:50 PMELVIS Toronto Royals 1-3Toronto Aeros
MidgetM218:30 PMEBE Humberveiw Huskies 1-5Vaughan Panthers
MidgetM179:00 PMTGG Humber Valley Sharks 0-6Leaside Flames
MidgetM199:40 PMSACK Brampton 45's 5-2Pickering Panthers
MidgetM209:50 PMEBE Markham Islanders 0-4Caledon Hawks
Saturday, September 7, 2019
MidgetM221:20 PMEBE Hillcrest Canadiens 4-0Toronto Royals
MidgetM241:20 PMELVIS Orangeville Flyers 1-3North York Knights
MidgetM261:20 PMTGG Markham Islanders 4-3Humber Valley Sharks
MidgetM233:10 PMTGB Caledon Hawks 1-7Mississauga North Stars
MidgetM286:40 PMELVIS Pickering Panthers 2-6Hillcrest Canadiens
MidgetM258:00 PMEBE Toronto Aeros 0-3Brampton 45's
MidgetM278:00 PMTGG Richmond Hill Stars 3-0Humberveiw Huskies
MidgetM298:00 PMSACK Leaside Flames 3-0Caledon Hawks
MidgetM309:20 PMTGG Vaughan Panthers 2-3Orangeville Flyers
Sunday, September 8, 2019
MidgetMQF17:30 AMTGB Richmond Hill Stars 4-3Leaside Flames
MidgetMQF27:45 AMTGG Hillcrest Canadiens 3-4Vaughan Panthers
MidgetMSF11:30 PMTGB Richmond Hill Stars 3-5Mississauga North Stars
MidgetMSF21:45 PMTGG Vaughan Panthers 2-3Brampton 45's
MidgetMF6:00 PMTGB Mississauga North Stars 3-0Brampton 45's
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • SACK - Ed Sackfield, 311 Valleymede Dr, Richmond Hill, On
  • EBE - Elgin Barrow East, 43 Church St. S, Richmond Hill, On
  • ELVIS - Elvis Stojko, 350 16th Ave, Richmond Hill, On
  • TGB - Tom Graham Burgundy, 1300 Elgin Mills Rd E, Richmond Hill, On
  • TGG - Tom Graham Green, 1300 Elgin Mills Rd E, Richmond Hill, On

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