Schedule & Results, Mary Parkinson Memorial A Tournament, 2018-2019 (Richmond Hill Hockey)

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Thursday, September 13, 2018
Minor AtomMA15:00 PMBOND East Gwillimbury 8-2Richmond Hill Stars
M PeeweeMP15:00 PMELVIS Markham Waxers 3-1Aurora Tigers
NoviceN15:00 PMEBE King Rebellion 10-0Richmond Hill Stars
NoviceN25:30 PMEBW Innisfil Winterhawks 4-0Newmarket Redmen
M BantamMB16:00 PMBOND Aurora Tigers 1-6Newmarket Redmen
M PeeweeMP26:00 PMEBE Georgina Blaze 2-3Richmond Hill Stars
PeeweeP16:00 PMELVIS Leaside Flames 2-5Richmond Hill Stars
Minor AtomMA26:30 PMEBW East Ender Ti-Cats 2-9Markham Waxers
BantamB17:10 PMBOND Innisfil Winterhawks 3-1Markham Waxers
M MidgetMM17:10 PMEBE TNT Tornados 6-2Barrie Colts
M MidgetMM27:10 PMELVIS Pickering Panthers 0-5Caledon Hawks
M BantamMB27:40 PMEBW Markham Waxers 4-9King Rebellion
MidgetM18:00 PMTGG Caledon Hawks 1-7Richmond Hill Stars
MidgetM28:30 PMELVIS Pickering Panthers 1-2Brampton 45's
M MidgetMM38:30 PMEBE Markham Waxers 1-5Bradford Bulldogs
M MidgetMM48:30 PMBOND Oshawa Minor Generals 1-4Brampton 45's
MidgetM39:15 PMTGG Markham Waxers 4-2Bradford Bulldogs
Friday, September 14, 2018
Minor AtomMA38:00 AMTGB Caledon Hawks 1-4Richmond Hill Stars
NoviceN38:00 AMEBE Oshawa Minor Generals 1-0Richmond Hill Stars
NoviceN48:00 AMELVIS Newmarket Redmen 0-9Georgina Blaze
NoviceN58:00 AMSACK Innisfil Winterhawks 10-0North Durham Warriors
AtomA18:30 AMTGG Whitby Wildcats(Blue) 5-1Caledon Hawks
Minor AtomMA48:30 AMBOND East Gwillimbury 7-1Whitby Wildcats
Minor AtomMA58:30 AMEBW King Rebellion 0-7North Durham Warriors
AtomA29:00 AMEBE Richmond Hill Stars 2-1Oakville Rangers(Blue)
AtomA39:00 AMELVIS Brampton 45's 1-6Markham Waxers
AtomA49:00 AMSACK Orillia Terriers 10-1Erindale Spitfires
AtomA59:00 AMTGB Guelph Gryphons 3-0Whitby Wildcats(White)
M PeeweeMP39:30 AMBOND Oshawa Minor Generals 3-4Markham Waxers
PeeweeP29:30 AMTGG Pickering Panthers 3-1Richmond Hill Stars
PeeweeP49:30 AMEBW Markham Islanders 2-2Barrie Colts(Blue)
M BantamMB310:10 AMTGB Orillia Terriers 7-5Markham Waxers
M BantamMB410:10 AMELVIS King Rebellion 4-1Whitby Wildcats(Blue)
PeeweeP310:10 AMEBE Milton Winterhawks 2-0Leaside Flames
PeeweeP510:10 AMSACK Oshawa Minor Generals 0-7Don Mills Mustangs
M BantamMB510:40 AMEBW Newmarket Redmen 0-8Centre Wellington Fusion
M BantamMB610:40 AMTGG North Durham Warriors 1-2East Gwillimbury Eagles
M PeeweeMP410:40 AMBOND Richmond Hill Stars 3-8Woodstock Jr. Navy Jets
BantamB311:20 AMTGB Oakville Rangers(Blue) 1-3Innisfil Winterhawks
BantamB411:20 AMSACK Dundas Sabres 3-4Markham Waxers
M BantamMB711:20 AMEBE Innisfil Winterhawks 2-0Richmond Hill Stars
M BantamMB811:20 AMELVIS Caledon Hawks 1-5St. Thomas Jr. Stars
BantamB211:50 AMBOND St. Thomas Jr. Stars 3-3Aurora Tigers
NoviceN712:00 PMTGG Oshawa Minor Generals 2-5King Rebellion
NoviceN812:00 PMEBW North Durham Warriors 3-3Newmarket Redmen
Minor AtomMA612:40 PMSACK Centre Wellington Fusion 0-2Caledon Hawks
Minor AtomMA712:40 PMTGB Richmond Hill Stars 5-5Whitby Wildcats
NoviceN612:40 PMEBE Richmond Hill Stars 1-10Nepean Raiders
NoviceN912:40 PMELVIS Georgina Blaze 4-2Innisfil Winterhawks
Minor AtomMA81:00 PMBOND King Rebellion 5-0East Ender Ti-Cats
Minor AtomMA101:10 PMTGG Bradford Bulldogs 1-7Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
Minor AtomMA91:10 PMEBW Markham Waxers 4-1North Durham Warriors
AtomA61:50 PMEBE Caledon Hawks 1-0Nepean Raiders(Black)
AtomA71:50 PMELVIS Oakville Rangers(Blue) 1-6Whitby Wildcats(Blue)
AtomA81:50 PMSACK Markham Waxers 1-2NCHA Coyotes
AtomA91:50 PMTGB Centre Wellington Fusion 5-0Brampton 45's
AtomA102:10 PMBOND Erindale Spitfires 1-8Guelph Gryphons
M PeeweeMP62:20 PMTGG Toronto Shamrocks 0-7Aurora Tigers
PeeweeP92:20 PMEBW Oshawa Minor Generals 0-9Caledon Hawks
M PeeweeMP53:00 PMEBE Nepean Raiders(White) 3-2Oshawa Minor Generals
M PeeweeMP73:00 PMELVIS Kanata Blazers 5-0Riverside Rangers
M PeeweeMP83:00 PMSACK Georgina Blaze 4-10Woodstock Jr. Navy Jets
PeeweeP113:00 PMTGB Whitby Wildcats 6-2Markham Islanders
PeeweeP103:20 PMBOND Barrie Colts(Blue) 0-2Owen Sound Jr. Attack
M BantamMB93:30 PMTGG Amherstburg Stars 1-0Markham Waxers
PeeweeP83:30 PMEBW Don Mills Mustangs 2-0Rochester Grizzlies
AtomA114:10 PMSACK Whitby Wildcats(White) 0-0Orillia Terriers
M BantamMB104:10 PMTGB Orillia Terriers 6-2King Rebellion
PeeweeP64:10 PMELVIS Richmond Hill Stars 1-2Milton Winterhawks
PeeweeP74:10 PMEBE Leaside Flames 2-0Pickering Panthers
M BantamMB114:30 PMBOND Richmond Hill Stars 3-2Leitrim Hawks
M BantamMB124:40 PMEBW St. Thomas Jr. Stars 4-2Innisfil Winterhawks
M BantamMB134:40 PMTGG East Gwillimbury Eagles 5-2Aurora Tigers
BantamB55:20 PMELVIS Richmond Hill Stars 0-6Aurora Tigers
BantamB65:20 PMSACK St. Thomas Jr. Stars 1-1Nickel City Sharks
BantamB75:20 PMTGB Dundas Sabres 1-2Innisfil Winterhawks
M BantamMB145:20 PMEBE Centre Wellington Fusion 6-0North Durham Warriors
BantamB85:50 PMBOND Markham Waxers 3-2Oakville Rangers(Blue)
Minor AtomMA116:00 PMTGG East Gwillimbury 3-3Centre Wellington Fusion
NoviceN106:00 PMEBW King Rebellion 6-4Nepean Raiders
AtomA126:40 PMSACK Nepean Raiders(Black) 0-0Richmond Hill Stars
AtomA136:40 PMTGB NCHA Coyotes 1-3Centre Wellington Fusion
Minor AtomMA126:40 PMEBE Upper Ottawa Valley Aces 11-0Markham Waxers
Minor AtomMA136:40 PMELVIS Bradford Bulldogs 6-1East Ender Ti-Cats
M PeeweeMP107:10 PMEBW Aurora Tigers 2-6Nepean Raiders(White)
M PeeweeMP117:10 PMTGG Kanata Blazers 5-2Richmond Hill Stars
M PeeweeMP97:10 PMBOND Markham Waxers 4-0Toronto Shamrocks
M MidgetMM57:50 PMTGB Barrie Colts 1-1Caledon Hawks
M PeeweeMP127:50 PMEBE Georgina Blaze 3-3Riverside Rangers
PeeweeP127:50 PMELVIS Whitby Wildcats 1-6Owen Sound Jr. Attack
PeeweeP137:50 PMSACK Caledon Hawks 1-0Rochester Grizzlies
M BantamMB158:20 PMBOND Whitby Wildcats(Blue) 4-0Amherstburg Stars
M MidgetMM68:20 PMTGG Pickering Panthers 4-5TNT Tornados
M BantamMB168:40 PMEBW Leitrim Hawks 5-4Caledon Hawks
MidgetM49:00 PMELVIS Pickering Panthers 0-4Richmond Hill Stars
MidgetM59:00 PMSACK Caledon Hawks 1-2Bradford Bulldogs
MidgetM69:00 PMTGB Brampton 45's 3-2Markham Waxers
M MidgetMM79:00 PMEBE Bradford Bulldogs 5-1Brampton 45's
BantamB99:30 PMTGG Nickel City Sharks 5-0Richmond Hill Stars
M MidgetMM89:40 PMBOND Oshawa Minor Generals 3-1Markham Waxers
Saturday, September 15, 2018
AtomA148:00 AMEBE Caledon Hawks 2-1Oakville Rangers(Blue)
AtomA158:00 AMELVIS Whitby Wildcats(Blue) 7-0Richmond Hill Stars
AtomA168:00 AMSACK Centre Wellington Fusion 3-3Markham Waxers
AtomA178:00 AMTGB Brampton 45's 0-2NCHA Coyotes
AtomA188:00 AMBOND Guelph Gryphons 1-4Orillia Terriers
AtomA198:30 AMEBW Whitby Wildcats(White) 4-2Erindale Spitfires
M BantamMB178:30 AMTGG East Gwillimbury Eagles 2-2Newmarket Redmen
M BantamMB189:00 AMEBE Aurora Tigers 9-1North Durham Warriors
M BantamMB199:00 AMELVIS Amherstburg Stars 4-6Orillia Terriers
M BantamMB209:00 AMSACK Whitby Wildcats(Blue) 3-1Markham Waxers
M BantamMB219:00 AMTGB St. Thomas Jr. Stars 1-1Richmond Hill Stars
M BantamMB229:00 AMBOND Caledon Hawks 0-5Innisfil Winterhawks
Novice (XOVER)N119:30 AMEBW North Durham Warriors 3-6King Rebellion
Novice (XOVER)N129:30 AMTGG Newmarket Redmen 0-7Nepean Raiders
Minor AtomMA1410:10 AMSACK Centre Wellington Fusion 3-2Richmond Hill Stars
Minor AtomMA1510:10 AMTGB Caledon Hawks 1-1Whitby Wildcats
Minor AtomMA1610:10 AMBOND North Durham Warriors 9-0East Ender Ti-Cats
Novice (XOVER)N1310:10 AMEBE Innisfil Winterhawks 8-0Richmond Hill Stars
Novice (XOVER)N1410:10 AMELVIS Georgina Blaze 8-1Oshawa Minor Generals
Minor AtomMA1710:40 AMEBW Bradford Bulldogs 3-1Markham Waxers
Minor AtomMA1810:40 AMTGG Upper Ottawa Valley Aces 10-0King Rebellion
M PeeweeMP1311:20 AMEBE Toronto Shamrocks 0-8Oshawa Minor Generals
M PeeweeMP1411:20 AMELVIS Markham Waxers 3-2Nepean Raiders(White)
M PeeweeMP1511:20 AMSACK Woodstock Jr. Navy Jets 3-4Kanata Blazers
M PeeweeMP1611:20 AMTGB Riverside Rangers 2-5Richmond Hill Stars
Peewee (XOVER)P1411:20 AMBOND Owen Sound Jr. Attack 4-0Pickering Panthers
Peewee (XOVER)P1511:50 AMTGG Whitby Wildcats 1-3Caledon Hawks
Peewee (XOVER)P1611:50 AMEBW Barrie Colts(Blue) 1-2Don Mills Mustangs
AtomA2012:30 PMTGB Oakville Rangers(Blue) 4-1Nepean Raiders(Black)
AtomA2112:30 PMBOND Caledon Hawks 6-1Richmond Hill Stars
Peewee (XOVER)P1712:30 PMEBE Markham Islanders 0-5Milton Winterhawks
Peewee (XOVER)P1812:30 PMELVIS Leaside Flames 3-0Oshawa Minor Generals
Peewee (XOVER)P1912:30 PMSACK Richmond Hill Stars 0-3Rochester Grizzlies
Atom (XOVER)A221:00 PMEBW Markham Waxers 2-3Guelph Gryphons
Atom (XOVER)A231:00 PMTGG NCHA Coyotes 3-7Whitby Wildcats(White)
Atom (XOVER)A241:40 PMEBE Centre Wellington Fusion 6-0Erindale Spitfires
Atom (XOVER)A251:40 PMELVIS Brampton 45's 0-13Orillia Terriers
M BantamMB231:40 PMSACK Centre Wellington Fusion 4-1East Gwillimbury Eagles
M BantamMB241:40 PMTGB Newmarket Redmen 7-2North Durham Warriors
M BantamMB251:40 PMBOND Leitrim Hawks 1-3St. Thomas Jr. Stars
M BantamMB262:10 PMEBW Richmond Hill Stars 6-6Caledon Hawks
M BantamMB272:10 PMTGG King Rebellion 7-2Amherstburg Stars
Bantam (XOVER)B102:50 PMELVIS Markham Waxers 1-6St. Thomas Jr. Stars
Bantam (XOVER)B112:50 PMSACK Dundas Sabres 0-3Richmond Hill Stars
Bantam (XOVER)B122:50 PMTGB Oakville Rangers(Blue) 2-2Aurora Tigers
Bantam (XOVER)B132:50 PMBOND Innisfil Winterhawks 1-3Nickel City Sharks
M MidgetMM122:50 PMEBE Markham Waxers 2-5Brampton 45's
M MidgetMM93:30 PMTGG Barrie Colts 1-3Pickering Panthers
NoviceN153:30 PMEBW Nepean Raiders 3-4Oshawa Minor Generals
MidgetM74:10 PMEBE Richmond Hill Stars 1-2Brampton 45's
MidgetM84:10 PMTGB Bradford Bulldogs 4-1Pickering Panthers
M BantamMB284:10 PMBOND Whitby Wildcats(Blue) 1-4Orillia Terriers
M MidgetMM104:10 PMELVIS TNT Tornados 4-4Caledon Hawks
M MidgetMM114:10 PMSACK Bradford Bulldogs 4-3Oshawa Minor Generals
NoviceN164:40 PMEBW North Durham Warriors 0-8Georgina Blaze
MidgetM94:50 PMTGG Markham Waxers 5-4Caledon Hawks
Minor AtomMA195:30 PMEBE Whitby Wildcats 4-8Centre Wellington Fusion
Minor AtomMA205:30 PMELVIS Caledon Hawks 0-6East Gwillimbury
Minor AtomMA215:30 PMSACK North Durham Warriors 0-7Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
Minor AtomMA225:30 PMTGB Bradford Bulldogs 0-4King Rebellion
M PeeweeMP175:30 PMBOND Oshawa Minor Generals 3-5Aurora Tigers
AtomA266:00 PMEBW Nepean Raiders(Black) 1-4Whitby Wildcats(Blue)
M PeeweeMP186:10 PMTGG Nepean Raiders(White) 4-0Toronto Shamrocks
M PeeweeMP196:40 PMEBE Riverside Rangers 3-7Woodstock Jr. Navy Jets
M PeeweeMP206:40 PMELVIS Kanata Blazers 5-0Georgina Blaze
PeeweeP206:40 PMSACK Pickering Panthers 2-2Milton Winterhawks
PeeweeP216:40 PMTGB Barrie Colts(Blue) 6-3Whitby Wildcats
PeeweeP226:40 PMBOND Owen Sound Jr. Attack 6-1Markham Islanders
PeeweeP237:10 PMEBW Rochester Grizzlies 2-0Oshawa Minor Generals
PeeweeP247:20 PMTGG Don Mills Mustangs 3-3Caledon Hawks
BantamB147:50 PMSACK St. Thomas Jr. Stars 3-1Richmond Hill Stars
BantamB157:50 PMTGB Aurora Tigers 3-0Nickel City Sharks
BantamB167:50 PMBOND Oakville Rangers(Blue) 5-0Dundas Sabres
M BantamMB297:50 PMELVIS Aurora Tigers 0-4Centre Wellington Fusion
M Midget (XOVER)MM137:50 PMEBE Barrie Colts 1-4Brampton 45's
M BantamMB308:20 PMEBW Innisfil Winterhawks 4-5Leitrim Hawks
M Midget (XOVER)MM148:40 PMTGG TNT Tornados 4-2Oshawa Minor Generals
MidgetM109:10 PMELVIS Markham Waxers 5-7Richmond Hill Stars
M Midget (XOVER)MM159:10 PMEBE Caledon Hawks 2-2Bradford Bulldogs
M Midget (XOVER)MM169:10 PMBOND Pickering Panthers 2-0Markham Waxers
MidgetN119:10 PMSACK Caledon Hawks 1-2Pickering Panthers
MidgetN129:10 PMTGB Brampton 45's 3-3Bradford Bulldogs
Sunday, September 16, 2018
NoviceNSF18:00 AMEBE Innisfil Winterhawks 9-1King Rebellion
PeeweePSF18:00 AMTGG Don Mills Mustangs 2-3Owen Sound Jr. Attack
NoviceNSF28:15 AMEBW Oshawa Minor Generals 1-9Georgina Blaze
PeeweePSF28:15 AMTGB Milton Winterhawks 5-4Caledon Hawks
Minor AtomMASF19:15 AMEBE North Durham Warriors 2-4East Gwillimbury
M BantamMBSF19:15 AMTGG St. Thomas Jr. Stars 7-8Orillia Terriers
Minor AtomMASF29:30 AMEBW Centre Wellington Fusion 0-5Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
M BantamMBSF29:30 AMTGB King Rebellion 3-5Centre Wellington Fusion
AtomASF110:30 AMEBE Guelph Gryphons 4-0Whitby Wildcats(Blue)
BantamBSF110:30 AMTGG St. Thomas Jr. Stars 4-3Innisfil Winterhawks
AtomASF210:45 AMEBW Centre Wellington Fusion 0-5Orillia Terriers
BantamBSF210:45 AMTGB Markham Waxers 1-2Aurora Tigers
M MidgetMMSF111:45 AMTGG Brampton 45's 3-1TNT Tornados
M PeeweeMPSF111:45 AMEBE Nepean Raiders(White) 2-0Kanata Blazers
M MidgetMMSF212:00 PMTGB Caledon Hawks 4-1Bradford Bulldogs
M PeeweeMPSF212:00 PMEBW Woodstock Jr. Navy Jets 5-0Markham Waxers
Midget MSF11:00 PMTGG Markham Waxers 0-3Brampton 45's
NoviceNF1:00 PMEBE Innisfil Winterhawks 1-5Georgina Blaze
Midget MSF21:15 PMTGB Bradford Bulldogs 1-4Richmond Hill Stars
Minor AtomMAF1:30 PMEBW East Gwillimbury 0-5Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
PeeweePF2:15 PMTGG Milton Winterhawks 1-2Owen Sound Jr. Attack
AtomAF2:30 PMEBE Guelph Gryphons 1-4Orillia Terriers
M BantamMBF2:45 PMTGB Orillia Terriers 1-2Centre Wellington Fusion
BantamBF3:45 PMTGG St. Thomas Jr. Stars 5-2Aurora Tigers
M PeeweeMPF4:00 PMEBE Woodstock Jr. Navy Jets 2-0Nepean Raiders(White)
M MidgetMMF4:15 PMTGB Caledon Hawks 2-1Brampton 45's
Midget MF5:15 PMTGG Richmond Hill Stars 1-3Brampton 45's
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