Schedule & Results, Richmond Hill Stars SELECT Tournament, 2014-2015 (Richmond Hill Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, January 29, 2015
MITESMi15:00 PMEBE Unionville Jets0-3Richmond Hill Stars
TYKEST15:00 PMBond Vaughan Rangers2-1Richmond Hill Stars ( Gray )
TYKEST25:00 PMElvis Goulding Park Rangers2-5Richmond Hill Stars ( Scocco )
MITESMi25:30 PMEBW Vaughan Rangers3-0Pickering Panthers
ATOMA16:00 PMElvis JCC Beast1-4Richmond Hill Stars
MITESMi36:00 PMEBE Georgina Blaze1-6West Hill Golden Hawks
M PEEWEE (XOVER)MP16:00 PMBond JCC Beast2-6Thornhill Rebels
NOVICEN16:30 PMEBW JCC Beast1-4Thornhill Rebels ( Black )
M PEEWEEMP27:00 PMBond Whitby Wildcats2-2Oshawa Falcons
PEEWEE (XOVER)P17:00 PMElvis JCC Beast2-2Duffield Devils
PEEWEEP27:30 PMEBW Vaughan Rangers6-1Georgina Blaze
BANTAM (XOVER)B18:00 PMBond Avenue Rd. Ducks5-2Richmond Hill Stars
M BANTAMMB18:30 PMEBW Avenue Rd. Ducks5-4Thornhill Rebels ( Black )
MIDGET (XOVER)M19:00 PMBond Unionville Jets5-1Richmond Hill Stars
M MIDGETMM19:30 PMEBW Vaughan Rangers3-1Richmond Hill Stars
Friday, January 30, 2015
MITESMi48:00 AMBond West Hill Golden Hawks5-0TNT Tornados
NOVICE (XOVER)N28:00 AMEBE Aurora Tigers3-3JCC Beast
NOVICEN38:00 AMElvis Thornhill Rebels ( Black )5-0Richmond Hill Stars
MITESMi58:30 AMEBW Uxbridge Young Bruins3-3Georgina Blaze
M PEEWEEMP39:00 AMElvis Oshawa Falcons5-0JCC Beast
TYKEST39:00 AMBond North York Knights4-1Goulding Park Rangers
TYKEST49:00 AMEBE Richmond Hill Stars ( Scocco )7-2Pickering Panthers
M ATOMMA19:30 AMEBW JCC Beast4-1Richmond Hill Stars
MITESMi610:00 AMEBE Richmond Hill Stars6-2Pickering Panthers
MITESMi710:00 AMElvis Vaughan Rangers5-0Unionville Jets
M PEEWEE (XOVER)MP410:00 AMBond Richmond Hill Stars0-3Whitby Wildcats
TYKEST510:30 AMEBW Forest Hill 3-7Vaughan Rangers
ATOMA211:00 AMElvis JCC Beast3-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers
M ATOMMA211:00 AMEBE Stouffville Clippers2-5Vaughan Rangers
NOVICEN411:00 AMBond Vaughan Rangers1-1Thornhill Rebels ( Gold )
ATOM (XOVER)A311:30 AMEBW Aurora Tigers3-3Richmond Hill Stars
ATOMA412:00 PMBond Stouffville Clippers5-0Thornhill Rebels
M PEEWEEMP512:00 PMEBE Thornhill Rebels2-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers
NOVICEN512:00 PMElvis Richmond Hill Stars1-1JCC Beast
M BANTAMMB312:30 PMEBW Avenue Rd. Ducks0-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers
PEEWEE (XOVER)P31:00 PMEBE Georgina Blaze2-6Richmond Hill Stars
PEEWEEP41:00 PMElvis Vaughan Rangers5-1JCC Beast
M ATOMMA31:30 PMEBW JCC Beast0-5Halton Hills Thunder
M BANTAMMB21:30 PMBond Thornhill Rebels ( Black )1-3Vaughan Rangers
BANTAMB22:30 PMElvis Halton Hills Thunder3-1Avenue Rd. Ducks
M BANTAMMB42:30 PMEBE Halton Hills Thunder5-0Duffield Devils
M PEEWEEMP62:30 PMBond Whitby Wildcats3-3JCC Beast
TYKEST73:00 PMEBW Napanee Stars4-1Forest Hill
BANTAM (XOVER)B33:30 PMEBE Aurora Tigers0-5Waterloo Wolves
MITESMi83:30 PMBond TNT Tornados0-5Uxbridge Young Bruins
NOVICEN63:30 PMElvis Thornhill Rebels ( Gold )5-0Aurora Tigers
M MIDGET (XOVER)MM24:00 PMEBW Richmond Hill Stars1-3Waterloo Wolves
ATOMA54:30 PMElvis Stouffville Clippers3-2Aurora Tigers
M PEEWEEMP74:30 PMBond Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-3Richmond Hill Stars
TYKEST64:30 PMEBE North York Knights3-3Pickering Panthers
M BANTAMMB55:00 PMEBW Thornhill Rebels ( Gold )2-3Waterloo Wolves
BANTAMB45:30 PMElvis Richmond Hill Stars1-2Kingston Canadians
M BANTAMMB65:30 PMBond Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-3Vaughan Rangers
NOVICE (XOVER)N75:30 PMEBE Thornhill Rebels ( Black )0-5Vaughan Rangers
MIDGETM36:00 PMEBW Milton Winterhawks2-2Unionville Jets
MIDGETM26:30 PMElvis Richmond Hill Stars2-6West Hill Golden Hawks
M MIDGETMM36:30 PMEBE Vaughan Rangers2-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers
M MIDGETMM46:30 PMBond Burlington Bulldogs3-0Thornhill Rebels
PEEWEEP57:00 PMEBW Kitchener Jr. Rangers4-1Duffield Devils
MIDGET (XOVER)M47:30 PMBond Georgina Blaze2-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers
BANTAMB78:30 PMBond Aurora Tigers1-2Halton Hills Thunder
Saturday, January 31, 2015
NOVICEN88:00 AMBond Vaughan Rangers5-0Aurora Tigers
TYKEST88:30 AMEBW Richmond Hill Stars ( Gray )6-1Napanee Stars
M BANTAMMB79:00 AMEBE Waterloo Wolves3-8Halton Hills Thunder
M BANTAMMB89:00 AMBond Duffield Devils0-5Thornhill Rebels ( Gold )
NOVICE (XOVER)N99:00 AMElvis Richmond Hill Stars0-5Thornhill Rebels ( Gold )
ATOMA59:30 AMEBW Thornhill Rebels1-3Aurora Tigers
ATOMA710:00 AMElvis Richmond Hill Stars2-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers
BANTAM (XOVER)B510:00 AMBond Kingston Canadians0-2Halton Hills Thunder
M PEEWEEMP910:00 AMEBE Thornhill Rebels6-2Richmond Hill Stars
M BANTAMMB910:30 AMEBW Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-1Thornhill Rebels ( Black )
M MIDGET (XOVER)MM511:00 AMEBE Thornhill Rebels1-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers
M PEEWEE (XOVER)MP811:00 AMElvis Oshawa Falcons5-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers
PEEWEEP611:00 AMBond Richmond Hill Stars2-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers
BANTAMB611:30 AMEBW Waterloo Wolves6-1Richmond Hill Stars
MIDGETM512:00 PMBond Milton Winterhawks1-6Georgina Blaze
MITESMi1012:00 PMEBE Vaughan Rangers4-2Richmond Hill Stars
MITESMi1112:00 PMElvis Unionville Jets2-1Pickering Panthers
MIDGETM612:30 PMEBW Kitchener Jr. Rangers1-0West Hill Golden Hawks
M BANTAMMB101:00 PMBond Halton Hills Thunder5-3Thornhill Rebels ( Gold )
M MIDGETMM61:00 PMElvis Burlington Bulldogs3-3Waterloo Wolves
TYKEST91:00 PMEBE North York Knights3-3Richmond Hill Stars ( Scocco )
MITESMi121:30 PMEBW Uxbridge Young Bruins0-5West Hill Golden Hawks
M ATOMMA42:30 PMEBE Richmond Hill Stars1-3Vaughan Rangers
MITESMi92:30 PMBond Georgina Blaze4-5TNT Tornados
TYKEST102:30 PMElvis Forest Hill 1-6Richmond Hill Stars ( Gray )
TYKEST113:00 PMEBW Vaughan Rangers6-3Napanee Stars
M ATOMMA53:30 PMElvis Halton Hills Thunder1-2Stouffville Clippers
PEEWEE (XOVER)P73:30 PMBond Kitchener Jr. Rangers0-4Vaughan Rangers
TYKEST123:30 PMEBE Pickering Panthers5-4Goulding Park Rangers
PEEWEEP84:00 PMEBW Duffield Devils2-4Richmond Hill Stars
ATOM (XOVER)A84:30 PMBond Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-2Thornhill Rebels
BANTAMB84:30 PMElvis Kingston Canadians2-7Waterloo Wolves
M MIDGETMM84:30 PMEBE Kitchener Jr. Rangers4-3Richmond Hill Stars
M BANTAMMB115:00 PMEBW Duffield Devils0-4Waterloo Wolves
MIDGET (XOVER)M75:30 PMBond West Hill Golden Hawks5-1Milton Winterhawks
M MIDGET (XOVER)MM95:30 PMElvis Burlington Bulldogs4-5Vaughan Rangers
M MIDGETMM76:00 PMEBW Waterloo Wolves2-2Thornhill Rebels
MIDGETM96:30 PMBond Unionville Jets5-2Georgina Blaze
MIDGETM87:00 PMEBW Kitchener Jr. Rangers6-1Richmond Hill Stars
M ATOMMA 1/4 Final7:30 PMBond Richmond Hill Stars1-3JCC Beast
ATOM (XOVER)A98:00 PMEBW Stouffville Clippers4-1JCC Beast
PEEWEEP98:30 PMBond JCC Beast4-1Georgina Blaze
M BANTAMMB129:00 PMEBW Vaughan Rangers3-1Avenue Rd. Ducks
BANTAMB99:30 PMBond Avenue Rd. Ducks5-0Aurora Tigers
Sunday, February 1, 2015
TYKETSF 18:00 AMEBE Richmond Hill Stars ( Gray )2-3Richmond Hill Stars ( Scocco )
TYKETSF 28:00 AMElvis North York Knights4-3Vaughan Rangers
NOVICENSF 18:30 AMEBW Thornhill Rebels ( Gold )6-1Thornhill Rebels ( Black )
NOVICENSF 28:30 AMBond JCC Beast1-6Vaughan Rangers
M ATOMMASF 19:00 AMEBE JCC Beast0-5Vaughan Rangers
M ATOMMASF 29:00 AMElvis Stouffville Clippers1-3Halton Hills Thunder
AtomASF 19:30 AMEBW Aurora Tigers4-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers
AtomASF 29:30 AMBond Richmond Hill Stars2-3Stouffville Clippers
M PEEWEEMPSF 110:15 AMEBE Whitby Wildcats2-3Thornhill Rebels
M PEEWEEMPSF 210:15 AMElvis Richmond Hill Stars0-1Oshawa Falcons
M MIDGETMMSF 110:45 AMEBW Burlington Bulldogs1-0Vaughan Rangers
M MIDGETMMSF 210:45 AMBond Kitchener Jr. Rangers4-1Waterloo Wolves
BANTAMBSF 111:15 AMEBE Avenue Rd. Ducks0-3Waterloo Wolves
BANTAMBSF 211:15 AMElvis Kingston Canadians0-5Halton Hills Thunder
PEEWEEPSF 111:45 AMEBW JCC Beast6-2Richmond Hill Stars
PEEWEEPSF 211:45 AMBond Kitchener Jr. Rangers1-2Vaughan Rangers
MidgetMSF 112:30 PMEBE Georgina Blaze2-5Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MidgetMSF 212:30 PMElvis West Hill Golden Hawks2-1Unionville Jets
MITESMiSF 11:00 PMEBW Uxbridge Young Bruins3-2Vaughan Rangers
MITESMiSF 21:00 PMBond Richmond Hill Stars6-5West Hill Golden Hawks
M BantamMB SF 11:30 PMElvis Vaughan Rangers1-3Halton Hills Thunder
TYKETF1:30 PMEBE North York Knights5-2Richmond Hill Stars ( Scocco )
M BantamMBSF 22:00 PMBond Waterloo Wolves0-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers
NOVICENF2:00 PMEBW Thornhill Rebels ( Gold )2-1Vaughan Rangers
M ATOMMA F2:45 PMEBE Halton Hills Thunder3-1Vaughan Rangers
AtomAF3:15 PMEBW Aurora Tigers2-1Stouffville Clippers
M PEEWEEMPF3:15 PMBond Oshawa Falcons3-2Thornhill Rebels
M MIDGETMMF4:00 PMEBE Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-1Burlington Bulldogs
MITESMi F4:30 PMEBW Uxbridge Young Bruins2-6Richmond Hill Stars
PEEWEEPF4:30 PMBond JCC Beast1-4Vaughan Rangers
MidgetMF5:15 PMEBE West Hill Golden Hawks0-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers
BANTAMBF5:45 PMBond Halton Hills Thunder3-5Waterloo Wolves
M BantamMBF5:45 PMEBW Kitchener Jr. Rangers0-4Halton Hills Thunder
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