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Hockey Canada records indicate that your child(ren) still do not have a parent that has completed the Parent Respect In Sport clinic.
If you have previously completed the clinic and have received a Certification Certificate we have to figure out why the certification is not showing on your child(ren)'s profile. It could be as simple as a wrong birth date or name entered incorrectly, or, if you already have a child playing REP you may have just forgotten to include your House League player.

In order to help facilitate please see step by step instructions below.  Also you can click on the PDF HELP document for visual step by step instructions.

STEP 1          PDF HELP
Have you completed the course correctly?

To double check if the course was completed in full please follow these steps:

*  Log back in to the clinic using your user name and password using this link:

*  Click on ENGLISH


*  Double check that ALL modules have been completed with a white check mark.  If all modules have check marks please continue
    to STEP 2.  
    If you are missing check marks on modules you have NOT completed the course.  This must be completed prior to receiving your

STEP 2          PDF HELP
Checking player information

*  Click on PROFILE


*  Click on EDIT

*  Confirm information is correct.  Make sure the Association states RICHMOND HILL and not RICHMOND HILL ZONE

*  If you have made changes click on Save Changes.  If no changes were required click on Cancel.

*  At this point if you have no further children to add please click on STEP 4.

*  If you have any additional children to add please continue to STEP 3.

STEP 3            PDF HELP             
Add a new player(s)

*  Click on PROFILE


*  Fill out appropriate boxes for the new player being added

*  Remember for Association find RICHMOND HILL and not RICHMOND HILL ZONE.

*  Click on ADD THIS CHILD

*  If you have more than 1 child to add, please repeat the process for the next player

*  Once completed click on NO FURTHER CHILDREN TO ADD

STEP 4   (Please click on STEP 4 to complete)